Freightliner Parts and More in Topeka, KS

Freightliner Parts and More in Topeka, KS

Do you own a Freightliner truck or other prominent model? Do you want to be able to get the parts you need quickly and easily from a friendly provider who specializes particularly in truck service and repair? We are a well-established provider of truck parts from top brands such as Volvo, International, Mack and Kenworth. Our stock levels are always high, minimizing the risk of time-consuming “ordering in”. No matter what component you may need, we will do our best to get it to you as soon as possible.

Wide Range of Servicing Tasks Completed

Our servicing team is specifically devoted to working on trucks, giving them a high degree of competence in this niche area. We recognize that reliable, affordable servicing and part replacement is critical to keeping your vehicle on the road as long as possible. When you turn to us to work on your suspension, brake parts or some other job that needs doing, you can be confident we'll do our utmost to get the work done correctly, on time and within the agreed budget.

Heavy Duty Truck Parts and Semi Truck Repair

If you've noticed that a part is looking a little worn, or something has begun to rattle what was previously silent, don't ignore it! Unfortunately, worn parts don't improve by ignoring them, and rattles usually get worse the longer you leave them. Just make an appointment with our friendly team and they'll be able to get the work done quickly and efficiently. Remember that a minor repair can swiftly escalate into a major (costly) job, so don't delay in giving us a call so that we can help.

Experienced Truck Servicing and Parts in Topeka

We've been operating for over eight decades now, providing reliable, professional assistance to truckers in the area. If you could do with some new parts or need a repair undertaken, we're here and ready to help. Call us now at (800) 362-2600 to book an appointment or to see what we can offer to make your trucking better.